Respiratory Health Technologies
Respiratory Health Technologies

Promoting Upper Respiratory Wellness

Bringing New Hope to soothe symptoms of the common cold

An addition to your healthy lifestyle to battle viruses, enhance immune response and soothe symptoms of the common cold.

Respiratory Health Technologies™ (RHT) is a life science company developing innovative wellness products, that when used as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help reduce the symptoms of and the likelihood of getting one of the most common respiratory infections—the common cold.

RHT was formed with a goal of bringing upper respiratory wellness to everyone.
Formed by a team of medical students, engineers with decades of product development experience, and regulatory partners with experience across the life science industry, RHT is leveraging historical infectious-disease research on the benefits of hyperthermic treatment of the nasopharynx to limit viral reproduction and to enhance local immune response.

Introducing the SinusSauna Hyperthermic  Mask

SinusSauna is an innovative respiratory wellness product that  represents a novel, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive solution.

The provision of heated air, has aided people through its common predecessor, the sauna, but now will be available for everyone through a portable and individual sauna for the nose and sinuses.

A Wellness Device to help reduce the symptoms and feelings of a common cold

RHT’s founders have utilized numerous laboratory and clinical studies demonstrating that by directing heated air to the nasopharynx (upper throat and nose), it may be possible to inhibit viral replication and enhance local immune response.  When paired with a healthy lifestyle, this may help reduce the likelihood of feeling unwell from a common cold.

RHT has developed a potentially transformational product, by way of a breathing mask that delivers 110F+, dry air to the back of the nasopharynx in specific amounts of time.


RHT is working on a prototype for applications ranging from relaxation and stress management, to potential prevention and reduction of respiratory symptoms, when used as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Portable, Easy to Use

A simple, hands-free, 20-minute session, 3-4 times a week

Get Relief

Targeted hot-air therapy, when part of a healthy lifestyle, may help relieve symptoms of coughs and colds

Reduce Symptoms

Hot air, in addition to healthy choices, has been shown to reduce the symptoms and feelings of a common cold

Learn more about our journey to develop a breathing mask that makes you feel good…

Science-backed from the Beginning...

While clinical testing has not been performed specifically with the RHT mask, substantial literature supports the benefits of the provision of warmed, hyperthermic air to the nasopharynx:

  • In laboratory studies, provision of hyperthermic air inhibits viral replication and may enhance local immune response. 
  • Clinically, breathing of hyperthermic air has been shown to reduce acute nasal and upper respiratory symptoms, reduce the incidence of the common cold, and inhibit viral replication.  
  • Multiple studies have shown the potential benefits of hyperthermic air provided in a sauna environment.

Learn about the history of hyperthermic therapy.

RHT was formed to develop cutting-edge wellness products.

RHT is creating the first commercially available breathing mask that uses the precise delivery of heated air to the nasopharynx.  When paired with a healthy lifestyle, this may reduce the incidence of the common cold.

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Disclaimer: The RHT Breathing Mask Device is an investigational device and is not currently available for sale. Please check back for further updates on device availability in your region. Statements in this document have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.